There’s something incredible happening to musical theatre in this country at the moment. And, like all incredible things, there is criticism. The exciting thing is this: independent musical theatre is booming and the calibre of work coming out of small venues and production companies — both…

Independent Musical Theatre Is Not Bad For Actors



WRITTEN BY Ashley Thomson [The following list is based on lyrical ingenuity, including depth, structure, flow and versatility; and longevity, as pertains to both sustained quality throughout their catalogue of works, and those works’ enduring listenability. Or so I would like to think.]  5. The…

The 5 Best Rappers Of All Time



When I was 19, I found my sister begging for money in Forbes. She had sores on her face and her eyes were glazed. She’d been smoking meth or shooting heroin or both. She didn’t recognise me at first and asked me for money. I…

Two Bucks For The Payphone



There was a time in my childhood where there wasn’t a car trip home from school that I didn’t imagine shooting imaginary bad guys with my big yellow water-pistol Uzi. But I was always aware that I wasn’t allowed to shoot anyone real. Motorists, cyclists,…

Kids With Guns

This scares me. This is probably the most personal thing I’ve ever shared and I feel like I’m standing naked in front of a school assembly. Ok, so, I have a list. An impossible list of things I want to achieve before I die. And…

The Impossible List Of Impossibles

<< CHAPTER 2      She was spitting words like venom and Jeremy just stood there, wide-eyed and gupping like a fish at the surface of a pond mid rainstorm. Who was she? What was she yelling about? A flicker of familiarity sparked to life before his…

WITHER | Chapter 3


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